Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How is direct to garment printing different than screen printing?

Our direct to garment printer works like your printer at home – we set up the artwork on our computer and send the file over to our printer. Instead of printing on paper, our printer prints on fabric. This allows us to print as many colors as you like without additional charges. On light colored shirts, the ink actually dyes the shirt fabric which makes for an extremely durable design you can’t feel that will last longer than the shirt!

What services do you offer in-house?

We do custom embroidery, direct to garment printing, screen printing, banners, yard signs, car magnets, and stickers in house. All of these services fall under our 5-10 day turnaround. We are also a promotional products distributor, which means we can order in almost anything you’d like with your logo, from business cards and coasters to pens and coozies. We are also a distributor for Carlson Craft invitations. Many of these items have a slightly longer turnaround and have minimums. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you find what you need!

I need my order more quickly. Do you offer rush services?

YES! We try to get all of our orders through in a timely fashion, but if you need something in 1-3 days (or same day if possible, depending on the project), we will do our best to help you out. The rush fee is a minimum of $25 or 25% (whichever is greater) added to your total bill.

My business is growing and I need a vendor that can do larger quantities. Can you help?

YES! We are happy to help you with your larger orders. With the additional 6-head embroidery machine that we acquired in 2012, we are well equipped to do large runs along with single piece orders. We love to work with businesses because we can help them with their all-around branding, from apparel to print materials and promotional pieces.

I have artwork I want to send you. What file type do you need?

At Embroid This, we work with CorelDraw X6. Vector art works the best for us because we can blow it up bigger without it getting pixelated and we can usually manipulate it as needed. Some common file extensions are .cdr, .ai, .eps, and .pdf. If all you have is a .jpeg or another bitmap file type, still send it over and we’ll let you know if it needs edits. The better artwork you start with, the better the final product will be! If you would like your logo vectored, we also offer that service starting at $25.00. All artwork can be emailed to

Glossary of Decoration Methods

Applique: Form of embroidery where a fabric material (twill) is cut out and stitched to the garment. Often used on sports jerseys, this method allows a stitched, professional look for areas that are too large for traditional embroidery.

Direct to Garment Printing (CMYK): A digital file is sent to our printer, and the ink dyes the fabric. The ink is heat set and there is nothing to crack or peel – the image is now dyed into the shirt! This process allows us to do full color images without screen charges or color changes and works best on 100% cotton, light colored shirts.

Direct to Garment Printing (White Ink): This process uses the same equipment as above with some slight variations to allow us to print on dark shirts. The shirts are pretreated to help the ink to adhere to the shirt. Then a white “primer” layer of ink is laid down and the color is put over top leaving a full color, long-lasting image.

Embroidery: This is the creation of a design with needle & thread, most often used for company logos on polos & dress shirts. Custom digitizing of your logo is available for a one-time fee, starting at $50. For other stock designs available for purchase, click HERE.

Print and Cut: This method is often used when we need a full color design on a shirt that is not made of cotton. The image is printed in full color with our Roland Versa-Camm and then custom cut out and heat-applied to the shirt.

Rhinestones: Rhinestones are individual faceted stones that are heat set to create your design. We have a variety of colors available and can create custom designs and templates for a one-time setup fee. Prices vary with the amount of stones and colors used.

Screen Printing: Great decoration method for large quantity t-shirt orders with few colors. Each additional color requires a new screen and setup.

Vinyl: Heat applied vinyl comes in rolls which we can custom cut into whatever shape we need. We often use this method of decoration on smaller quantity orders that need a one color design on items that are not 100% cotton, like names and numbers on jerseys. We also have a glitter vinyl available that gives the bling look of rhinestones at a lower price point.